Colyer Veterinary Service
For after hours emergencies:
Valley Oak Veterinary Center
2480 Dr. Martin Luther King Pkwy   
Chico, CA
and information about the latest
information in the world of Veterinary
Medicine, upcoming events & holiday
office closure information.
Colyer Veterinary Service (We are now located at
the Magalia Pet Hospital location)
13701 Skyway ( In Old Magalia)
Magalia, CA  95954
Phone: 530-872-3246
Fax: Pending at this time
We appreciate everyone's patience during this transitional time for
everyone. Our hearts go out to all who have lost their homes,
businesses and pets as we have. This has been a life changing
event for our community and we will do our best to provide some
sense of normalcy that  is much needed by everyone.

At this time we will see appointments on Thursdays & Fridays
beginning on February 7th at the Magalia Pet Hospital. Dr Bremner
will continue to practice there on Monday -Wednesday but has been
generous to share her hospital with us. We will have staff available
Monday-Friday .
Please be aware that prescriptions may take up to
a week to be approved as Dr Colyer is only here Thursday &
Friday. Dr Bremner will not be able to approve prescriptions( We
are 2 separate businesses under 1 roof)

We are currently filling our appointment slots quickly and will be
prioritizing appointments. If you need an appointment that is not of
an urgent matter we may need to schedule it out 3-6 weeks due to
heavy demand for limited appointment times.
For urgent issues we will do our best to accommodate each others
clients as well, however it still may be necessary for us to refer
urgent matters to other facilities.
Due to the damaged infrastructure we are still having difficulty
obtaining phone service to the hospital. On Thursdays & Fridays we
will have 1 line of phone service being forwarded to a cell phone. If
you cannot reach us via phone, please feel free to make requests
via email. This is a work in progress and we appreciate everyone's
understanding and patience.