Have you thought about what would happen to your pets if
something happened to you?  More than 500,000 pets are
orphaned each year due to the death or disability of their human
companions.  2nd Chance 4 Pets is a non-profit organization which
provides the essential information to pet owners about lifetime care
solutions to ensure their pets will always be cared for.  Please visit
them at:

Do you have a purebred dog or cat?
Check out these websites for breed specific health concerns:


For excellent information on various diseases, health and behavior
issues, drug information, and much more please check out this
comprehensive veterinary website:

Cocoa bark mulch is extremely toxic to dogs!! Please keep this in
mind before using it in your yard!
Check out this link to find out more about poisonous plants.  Most
people have toxic plants in their homes and yard and don't even
know it!!  Veterinary Medicine library, UIUC:
Purchasing Pet Drugs Online:
The link below is an informative
message from the U.S food & Drug
administration regarding purchasing
of drugs from.
Purchasing Pet Drugs Online: Buyer
For More information about Royal Canin Veterinary Diets please visit their website at or click on the link.
Royal Canin Veterinary Diets

Our office hours are as follows
Thursday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm

For sick patients, Dr. Bremner will do her best to
accomodate our clients on Monday-Wednesday

Do you have trouble remembering when to give your pet's hearworm or flea medication?
Merial offers E-mail reminders to help you out! Click this link to be re-directed to the Merial
reminder website
Also available through the ITunes store is a free reminder App- Search:
Heartgard (note spelling)
Click here to go straight to the APP link in ITUNES
Disaster planning with
North Valley Animal Disaster Group
Working with emergency services to
educate the public about disaster
preparedness, and assist in
sheltering and evacuation of
animals during a disaster.
Do you purchase your pets medications
online?? Buyer Beware!
Many of the well known on-line pharmacies
their products from China and other
countries that may not have the efficacy or
quality of products manufactured in the USA.
Your pet's health could suffer due to under-
OR overdosing of medications.
Starting in 2015, we will have available an exciting
new therapy for treatment of pain (both chronic and
acute), wounds, inflammatory conditions (like chronic
ear infections and non-healing skin sores), and a
host of other frustrating maladies. Until now, we've
had to rely on prescription medications or surgery,
with their inherent invasiveness or potential for
adverse side-effects, to manage these conditions.
Therapeutic laser is a new, safe, non-invasive, and
highly effective treatment which involves utilizing high
energy, penetrating laser light to jump-start and
speed up the chemical processes within the cells of
the immune and tissue repair systems of the body.
Duke is receiving laser
treatment for a knee
Do you have a difficult time remembering to
give monthly heartworm medication? Is it a
struggle every month to give your dog a pill?

We now have an injectable heartworm
prevention which lasts for 6 months! a special
exam and heartworm test for $58.60 plus the
cost of the medication( which is comparable to
oral  monthly heartworm prevention! Ask our
staff for more information!