Client Testimonials
Our Staff at Colyer Veterinary Service strive to
treat your pets with the same compassion
and care that we feel for our own pets.

Here are notes from a couple of our clients
we would like to share.
To the Colyer Staff                  6--24-2010

As you probably remember, I came into your office for the first time
last July to have my little "Georgie" put to sleep because of a long
illness of kidney disease.

Some of you know I have had some bad experiences with past
veterinarians, but wanted you to know why I am now with you.
My husband and I witnessed a professional staff of people that look
like they enjoy where they work and take their job very serious.  The
building was clean and well kept.  During our unhappy time it
seemed that everyone in the office was sharing our sadness.
Dr. Kleiman and Diana were the people on duty that helped us to feel
comfortable when called into the room. We had never been through
this before and Dr. Kleiman explained everything to us so we could
decide if we wanted to stay in the room. We chose not to. Dr. Kleiman
made us feel comfortable with our decision. We didn't know her, but
knew Georgie was in good hands.
Diana is the person that brought Georgie out to us after they were
done. Diana had tears in her eyes and she gave me and my husband
a hug. We could feel her pain for what we were going through.
That is why my pets are now being seen by the Colyer veterinary
staff. Not so much by what has happened to us with other vets, but
by all of your actions, love professionalism, and tenderness that was
shown to us on that very sad day.
We have been with you for almost a year now and continue to see
that same professional, friendly service. Thank you, you're ALL
doing a wonderful job.
My husband, myself and all of our pets wanted to let you know how
much we appreciate you.

With great appreciation and love,
The Cramer Family
Dear Dr. Art,  

If a person is really lucky, they might rarely get to meet
someone with your expertise, compassion and wisdom. I
know I have told you that you are known in this town as a
great veterinarian, but you just keep impressing my family
with your true love of both animals and  the humans that
love them so much. You were so good with Saysha, working
on her problems, until it was time to say good-bye. Even
then, you and your daughter came when called at what
must have been an inconvenient time. With Calli, once again
it was Dr. Art to the rescue. The personal care that you
gave to that little bundle of love was way above what
anyone could demand/and or expect. Then there was
Pepper. From the start of her rough beginnings, your
knowledge and compassion helped giver her the great life,
far longer and healthier than any of us expected. I have
had dogs all of my life, but for some reason, the loss of our
"Love puppy" hit us so hard. Once again, you were not only
there for her, but also us, helping us endure what was truly
a terrible time in our lives. I guess the only thing I can say is
Thank you from all of us to all of you. If there is anything
we can do for you, please let us know. Thank you again,

We love you all,

Thom & Lisa Melton