Mission Statemement
"We believe that our relationships with our animal
companions are among life's truly invaluable gifts.  As
animal health care providers, our goal is to do our best work
to enhance and facilitate the relationships between pets and
their owners.  We believe that good health involves not only
avoiding and combating disease, but also discovering the
great joy and important lessons that come to us through the
human-animal bond.  Our goal is to help strengthen that
bond as a cornerstone to a healthful, balanced, and fulfilling
life for human and pet."
Attitude is 90% of good health?   One of the really wonderful
things about working in pet health care is that the patient's
attitude is already working with you in the vast majority of
cases.  Our pets look to us with total trust that we will
provide what they need, and when we do that, they respond
positively most of the time.  It's very reinforcing.  After more
than two decades of working with all kinds of pet health
problems, though each case presents a new challenge,
clearly there are some basic principles which emerge as the
most important for achieving good health.  Incorporating
into our own practice philosophy the
positive attitude our
patients contribute to their health care is one of the goals
we try to achieve in every case.