Our Staff

Dr. Art Colyer has served the Paradise and Magalia communities for more than 30 years.  Inspired by the famous
British veterinarian and author James Herriot to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, Dr. Colyer graduated
with a doctorate from Colorado State University Veterinary School in 1984.  "One of my fondest memories in
veterinary school was when Herriot's famous cohort--Tristan--came to speak to our class prior to graduation.  He
showed us slides and added humorous highlights to the familiar stories and characters Herriot portrayed so
elegantly in his books.  He rekindled for me the inspiration to practice
that kind of caring medicine."

Our practice has grown from a 1 Dr., house-call only mobile practice, to a contemporary small animal hospital
and mobile service with 3 doctors having 6 decades of practice experience between them.  No matter how busy
we are, our clients continue to appreciate the individual care and attention we provide, and they trust in not only
our veterinary expertise but also our compassion for life.  

"I've applied myself to a number of disciplines over my 50+ years of life:  raising a family that has worked side by
side with me in my practice, making music with friends and family as a frequent recreational activity, engaging in
daily physical exercise and training with a menagerie of wonderful animal companions, practicing a martial art to
the level of black belt, and pursuing a passionate interest in the ever-changing and challenging skill and art of
veterinary medicine.  Each has been something I've loved doing, and I've been fortunate enough to be able to
reach at least a moderate level of proficiency in each of these areas.  I've learned that "success" for me boils
down to loving what I do, having a great team of coworkers who love what they do, and sharing our knowledge
and energy with fellow animal lovers (our clients) and their pets.  I can't imagine something I'd rather do with my
life than be a veterinarian and have my hands and my heart involved with animal care each day."

Our staff:  We feel very lucky to have a staff of dedicated, wonderfully caring individuals who strive to make the
experience of "going to the vet" feel like stopping in to see friends who care for their patients like they do for their
own pets.  Above, from left : Joan Colyer, Linda Solari, Kaitlyn Riewer, Dr. Art Colyer, Cindi Sheldon, RVT, Erin
Dickerson, Dr Beth Granger, Megan Soulsby, Diana Muma, Patty Quinn, Hannah Brown.
Our non-doctor staff has a combined experience in the veterinary field of over 70 years (how do they do it and
still look so young?)
"The bottom line for me is that, as a health care provider for companion
animals, my job is not just about curing diseases.  It's equally about
helping avoid the suffering associated with the afflictions and challenges,
and finding the joy in the simple  gifts and opportunities, that fill our lives.  
My patients, and my own pets, are as much my teachers as I am their
doctor.  My desire for my patients and their owners is that they feel well
cared-for, and equipped with our help to better manage whatever health
issues arise for them."
Dr. Colyer with patient Rhoda Hinton