Pet Connection

Here are some links to local
animal rescue/adoption

Small Dog Rescue

Paradise Animal Shelter

Butte Humane Society

Northwest SPCA (Oroville)

Chico Cat Coalition

Top Cats (Paradise)

When you decide to add a new dog
or cat into your household, please
consider adopting from the shelter
first.  There are so many wonderful
animals that deserve a loving family
like yours.  If you are hesitant about
visiting a shelter, please call us and
we will help you.  Our staff can help
search the local shelters for a dog or
cat that would match your family life.
We will also be happy to accompany
you to a shelter to help you with your

Skippy was adopted from the Butte
Humane Society recently.  She is
calm, sweet, very eager to please and
gets along with adults, children,
cats, and dogs.  Her favorite activity
is going to a dog park with her
owner where they ALL have a blast!

McGee was at the NWSPCA for
almost two months.  He is an
all-round wonderful dog and you will
most likely meet him if you come into
our office.  He loves to greet our
clients and patients and takes his job
very seriously!